Depend® Protection with Tabs

This absorbent brief features maximum absorbency and six adhesive tabs for easy changes while sitting, lying down, or standing.

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  • White

Average Rating: 3.3/5

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

3.3/5 | 434 Reviews

It can't hold a lot

I ware them during the day time and they only hold one time what is the deal

Posted By: Drain


Love them but....

I love the product but an XL would fit better. I wear adult diapers because I Have ALS (Lou Gehrig'

Posted By: aunteekay


Decent, but could be bett

I've always had a sensitive bladder and have been using products for years to help manage it. I gen

Posted By: Mdb91


Great product for on the

Product fits amazingly well, the poly backing keeps odors in and the diaper in place the way I need

Posted By: Overkill54


The Tapes Keep Coming Un-

Really glad you went back to the plastic, but the tapes keep coming un-done. Did I pick up a bad pac

Posted By: alanlibero10


This is a generic diaper

This is by far one of the worst diapers I have ever worn!! It is only better than the diapers they g

Posted By: Jdindiapers82


Good Product

I have both bowel and bladder incontinence and this product has saved me multiple times, still in my

Posted By: BabelTower


Great overnight protectio

I have been incontinent for over five years. I wear a full brief with six tapes every night to bed,

Posted By: paulieg52


More comfortable quiet th

I've tried a number of thinner incontinence briefs since friends encouraged me to do so after my ibs

Posted By: Hdofu


Most useful product in th

This is really the most useful product in the line, its the only one that is easy to change if you c

Posted By: guytraveler