Depend® Protection with Tabs

This absorbent garment is designed for discreet open changing with built-in leakage protection

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  • White

Average Rating: 3.3/5

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

3.3/5 | 426 Reviews

Most useful product in th

This is really the most useful product in the line, its the only one that is easy to change if you c

Posted By: guytraveler


Great fit need landing ar

I have used these diapers since i was a teenager and the fit has always been great on me. I usually

Posted By: Codybman


Works well for me

Ever since a car accident I have had issues with incontinence. I decided to wear diapers. These one

Posted By: Peggy1987


I just love wearing diape

I have tried other brands due to the plastic backing I am glad you switched back to them speaking fo

Posted By: Diaperboy34


I realy in joy theam

They make me feel comfortable realy Like the plastic backing don't leak through

Posted By: Gean


When "Improved" Isn't an

The change to the "new, improved, more comfortable" 4 tab brief has been anything but improved. The

Posted By: OCSamarie


Plastic is back!!!!!!! Th

I some times have bowel accidents this this product is great for when I an out traveling or shopping

Posted By: GT1969


My review

Hello. Just wanted to start off by saying that the only thing good about this product is the fit. It

Posted By: Abk1986


A brief needed for bed

I liked the briefs better in the 1990's i wish that were brought back the way they were then I agree

Posted By: Bedwettingman1979


Depends six tabs = 6 star

The plastic backed fits more snug then the cloth backing. These briefs are the perfect combination

Posted By: Ajay mtl