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Bladder Leakage and Anxiety

10 Nov, 2013
Bladder Leakage and Anxiety

Bladder Leakage and Anxiety

Public speaking. Long-distance travel. Incontinence. Many things in life can cause anxiety.

Anxiety is simply a normal reaction to stress and is actually helpful in that it makes us more alert and cautious. A little nervousness before giving a speech, for example, can help sharpen your focus and heighten your senses. Or it can prompt you to complete that project on deadline. Those anxious feelings usually end once the anxious situation has passed.

For men with bladder leakage, anxiety can be a common reoccurrence. To help you stay confident, here are some suggestions for coping with and overcoming anxiety.

Work it Out

Exercising regularly provides a sense of wellbeing and decreases feelings of anxiety. Engaging in quick aerobic exercise when you’re feeling anxious can also have a calming effect.

Learn to Relax

From meditation to deep breathing, relaxation techniques can help ward off feelings of anxiety. Muscle relaxation exercises are also simple and effective. Choose a muscle, hold it tight for a few seconds, then relax it. Repeat the exercise with all your muscles.

Talk it Out

Many men benefit from joining a support group where they can share their challenges and successes with others. Talking with a trusted friend, clergy, or a mental health professional can also help diminish those anxious feelings.

Forego the Caffeine

A stimulant, caffeine increases anxiety because it stimulates the nervous system. Avoid or decrease coffee intake, and also tea, soft drinks, chocolate, and some over-the-counter cough and cold medicines (decongestants) which all contain caffeine.

Pass on the Cocktail

It may seem that a having a drink relaxes you, but alcohol actually aggravates symptoms and makes anxiety worse in the long run. The same holds true to illicit drugs which only cause more problems.

Dress for Success

Wearing the right protection can eliminate worry over leakage. Depend® offers five styles – three made just for men. The right absorbent product can give you the confidence you need to enjoy life without worries.

Sleep on It

When you’re not rested, you start out each day already tired, which only makes anxiety worse. Get plenty of sleep to rest your body and your brain.

Plan Ahead

Anticipate and prepare yourself for upcoming events or situations you think may cause anxiety. Then imagine yourself in the situation feeling calm, confident and in control. Work through the details of the upcoming event to avoid any surprises and put your mind further at ease.

If a general sense of worry or dread worsens or becomes constant, however, it could be a sign of a bigger anxiety issue. If anxiety seems to be getting the best of you, be sure to discuss your symptoms with a healthcare provider for further diagnosis and treatment.

By focusing on the positive aspects of your life and adopting the tips above, you can conquer those periodic feelings of anxiety and gain a stronger sense of control.

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