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Dress For Success, and Other Tips to Ensure Discretion

5 Nov, 2021
Dress For Success, and Other Tips to Ensure Discretion

Dress For Success, and Other Tips to Ensure Discretion

It’s not uncommon for women who experience bladder leakage to feel as though everyone around them knows about their problem. But thanks to advancements in protection, you’re the only one who ever needs to know. To help you remain self-assured and confident, try dressing for success. With these few tips, you can manage your leakage, still feel attractive, and maintain your desire for discretion.

Give yourself some dressing room.

When it comes to daily attire, current trends in clothing go a long way to minimize the appearance of what’s underneath. Today’s more casual, relaxed fits and styles not only look great, but offer added discretion.

Wear the right absorbent product…

one specifically designed for bladder control problems. Disposable absorbent products continue to make great strides in helping women maintain the utmost discretion. Products are thinner than ever, yet designed to hold more liquid and neutralize odor. And they’re offered in a greater variety of sizes and shapes to make it easier to find your perfect fit. Depend® for Women Underwear is one example of innovation that works great yet looks like regular underwear. Explore your product options to find a female-friendly fit and function that works best for your needs. Wearing the right product can make all the difference in managing your bladder leakage and in how confident you feel.

Add a stylish tote or larger shoulder bag as part of your look.

In addition to carrying absorbent products, use it to carry your other personal items inside, like sunglasses, a notebook, wallet and keys so it becomes a normal part of your everyday attire. Use your bag to carry a change into a public restroom and carry it out to the wastebasket.

Keep plastic bags for disposal on hand.

Include plastic bags in your tote or shoulder bag. The darker blue bags can mask what’s inside when you need to toss out a change in public. You can find poly bags or deodorized disposal bags in most stores or online. Above all, don’t worry that others take notice of small personal things like tossing out a bag in the restroom. Have confidence in what you’re doing and no one will think twice about your personal care routines.

A Well Put-Together Look.

Remember, nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable with her own body, her age and her personal style. Reflect that kind of total confidence and you’ll quickly see the difference it makes!

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