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My unusual decision for drips and dribbles. Maybe it will help you.

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Heya Bros - I am in my early 30s and have had drips and dribbles after going since I can remember. Older I get it gets a little more so I finally bit the bullet and said "Hey, I don't have to have we underwear anymore, or have it go down my leg, or have a dark spot on my slacks for Sunday morning.

So I bought the shields. They felt really discreet. I didn't like having to put them in my underwear and I had to have tighter fitting underwear so it did not rub in between my legs. I did find out that as I went through the day, that eventual there was a wet spot feeling and I didn't like walking around with a "wet tip" if you know what I mean guys.

So then I was like, ok I will try the guards. Hello frontal diaper! Way too bulky. The adhesive was ridiculous and kept snagging my scrotum hair. The feeling between the legs was so annoying and it looked like I was well endowed - when I am not. I didn't want to be that one guy showing his junk off to the world, BUT they felt dry throughout the day which was a BIG plus, no changing needed. If they had something in between, or just a slight step up from the shields with more SAP, then I think we would be in a good sweet zone for those of us with drips and dribbles.

My wife said, well just change your shield out more often... that's just not for me... I want a full day solution, not having to carry shields around like some chic on her period (no offense). I don't mind if people know I have plumbing issues, but I sure don't go around advertising it and I think eventually someone would find out carrying the spares around.

Then I scoured the internet for a middle ground. Tena makes it in three absorbancys, I got a sample pack and tried it out. First, their middle version was wide up top, which helps with underwear rub on the tummy (I manscape there). The material was EXTREMELY soft and plush which feels way better than the depend shields and guards. Adhesive was a little better, but somehow it was a little bulky in between my legs and I had a sore scrotum after the day was done. Absorbancy was good and lasted the whole day.

Around the same time I had a killer CVS coupon come out for adult care products and I stacked it with a depend coupon. So I said, what the heck, lets try the real fit underwear, they look slim and say they offer good protection. This is the winner, for me. So yes they absorb and keep it all dry. They last all through the day, the stay on BETTER than my three kinds of underwear I have in drawer which tend to lose fit throughout the day and begin to sag. Recently I had some medication changes for mood swings which makes me thirsty and finally got prescribed a sleep aid which has helped tremendously in daily function. The draw back is about 25% of the time I wet the bed at night. since I was trying these out in a 12 pack, I decided to leave them on through the day and night and they have caught the night time incidents. Once though it leaked through to the bedding. The PRICE on the real fit are WAY TOO MUCH.

So I from the Tena Kit I pulled out their version of the underwear and tried it on. No way in Hell I am wearing that out in public, looks like old man Johnson in the design and the white ruffles give it away at one glance. Absorbancy was good with them though.

The real fit I have worn now for over two weeks (I bought another pack) and no one has commented on the look as I bend down. I frequently have my shirt off around the house and since they stay up on my waist really well, my underwear line is always showing. My kids don't know the difference, they say I see Daddy's underwear. I have had other adult family members around when I am working outide like this and they do not know the difference.

So my regular underwear are just chillin out in my drawer and I am getting very used to a disposable underwear. I don't have to search through the laundry for my good pairs, I feel cleaner throughout the day. I toss them in the bathroom garbage in the morning. The material is extremely comfortable and supporting and the gray color is GREAT, the blue is ho Hum. Would not mind a white solution or other colors with a WHITE BAND.

My wife kinda enjoys the look as well. They are slim and trim on my body, 175 lbs, 6'1", 34" waist, and a little belly sticking out above it. She smacks my butt a lot more lately with these on. I feel comfortable wearing these around in the evening with a shirt after my kids are in bed, and in our bedroom with no shirt (its hot already in California). The real fit do a great job of looking and feeling like underwear enough that I when I wear just them around my wife in our room, we don't feel awkward at this beginning stage. Also, with these, I really do not feel that embarrassed if people do find out they are not regular underwear - my confidence is pretty high because of the look, feel, and protection they offer.

The BEST PRICE I have found is to stack CVS coupons and Depend Coupons OR go online to when they have their 25-30% off sale about every 3 weeks and you can snag a case of 48 for around $.70 per brief compared to the ~$1 per brief at Walmart. Ebay is overpriced, Amazon is overpriced, is overpriced.

I so wish the cost could get down to $.50 cause that is what I would spend for like 3 shields if I changed them throughout the day.

Oh and the profile/discreetness of the briefs is BETTER than the thick guards because it the padding is spread out in the front and goes all the way under the legs and to the very lower buttocks which evens out any bulge and look s more natural. I have worn an actual diaper in the past for the night time accidents. I was concerned that if I ever had to wear them out in public with my nice slacks that it would be a dead giveaway because of the flat butt crack look, but these real fit do fit into your "cheeks" well enough to form that line which makes them indistinguishable from regular underwear.

Peace out peeps, maybe if I get guts I will do a video review for ya all and for those looking for better solutions.

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