Living with Incontinence

Keep Your Social Life Worry-Free

27 Nov, 2021
Keep Your Social Life Worry-Free

Keep Your Social Life Worry-Free

Life is an adventure and nothing – not even an overactive bladder – should keep you from enjoying the ride. Grabbing all of life's rewards is easier when you've got that feeling of confidence. Read Lily’s story and get inspired!

Lily's Story

We touched base with Lily, an avid golfer, who is living life to the fullest. At 63, she's golfed for more than half her life. She loves to spend the afternoons on the green with her friends. Ever since her husband of 42 years died of a stroke, golf has been her lifeline.

Shortly after the death of her husband, Lily discovered that she had urge incontinence.

For a while Lily stopped her regular golf games, making excuses to her friends. She was embarrassed, but she missed her friends and missed her game.

So Lily went to see her doctor, who prescribed a medication that was quite helpful in relieving her incontinence symptoms. She didn't need to go to the restroom as frequently and she didn't feel like she had to go as urgently as she did before. Lily's doctor also recommended some adult absorbent products for extra protection during times when she still leaked, such as when she played golf.

After getting comfortable with the medication and the absorbent products, Lily phoned her golfing buddies - she was back and ready to go! It was like old times again.

Today, Lily plays golf four days a week and volunteers at the clubhouse as well. She has an active social life, and plans to keep it that way. For Lily, treatment with medication and absorbent products has helped give her the confidence to keep up her social life.

With Lily's story as inspiration, we've highlighted seven great ideas to help you plan your best summer yet.

7 ways to explore the possibilities this summer:

Take a Trip.

Pick a place you've never been or go back to one of your favorite destinations. Not up to traveling? Reading all about a new locale can be just as exciting and informative!

Look Local.

Seek out local events like summer music festivals, art fairs and community theater. Fill your summer calendar with plenty of local color.

Take Action.

Take up a good cause. Back your candidate with more than your vote, or volunteer to help with something near and dear to you. Surf online to see how you can get involved.

Become a Fan.

Take in a sporting event. Maybe it's a road trip to a stadium you've never seen, or just backing the home team. The excitement of a sporting event is surprisingly contagious!

Get Sporty.

Picture yourself behind the wheel of something red and shiny. Now live the dream by renting a sports car for the day. Check your nearest rental agency. Then hop in, put the top down and just drive.

Stop and Smell the Roses.

Give your green thumb a little inspiration by getting on the list for a local garden club tour. Or visit a botanical garden site and take in the endless varieties.


Leave room for unscheduled time to relax, revive and renew. Treat yourself to a spa treatment. Or maybe some retail therapy. Our new online community, Celebrate You, includes some great articles and discussions that can give you new ways to stay involved and connected with the things and people you love.

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